How to Become a Sports Broadcast Reporter

Have you ever wondered what exactly is going on during the NFL season when you are watching your favorite sports? What is going on with your favorite sports broadcaster when he or she is giving out the play by play notes during game time? Are they announcing scorelines during games, or are they just simply giving play by play details of each play? Or how about when the commentator talks about how good or bad a player or team is performing? The answer may surprise you!

First of all, we should define what exactly sports broadcasting is. Broadcasting is actually defined as the process by which a group or an individual is able to provide live or real time information about sports events. In other words, it is the “live” part of the media. Sports broadcasting is a very in-depth form of television and radio broadcast that is utilized to relay live action from either the sports arena or the studio audience to the television audience. When discussing sports events, the emphasis tends to be on the on-air broadcast, the pre-recorded highlights of the games, statistics and other live audio from the playing team to provide commentary for the television audience.

Now, let’s get down to specifics. When a sports broadcast is being done by a live audience, it is most commonly done on a television network like ESPN or the locally owned Fox television network. While the vast majority of viewers tend to follow a given professional or college sports league, some prefer to follow individual teams, like the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Rockets. A great example of this would be the baseball broadcasting, which is covered by several different television networks, from Fox to ESPN to TSN.

So now we have sports coverage, which is either on-air or off-air. Which mode do you prefer? In the case of sports, broadcasting can either be an on-air form like radio or a behind the scenes reporting by a freelancer or reporter. Of note, in the case of college athletics, broadcasting can be either done live or replays are shown on various stations. In order to be on-air, sports reporters must possess an athletic prowess and have been an athlete in some capacity. Sports broadcasting can also be done as a studio show as a guest commentator.

Now let’s discuss how you would go about finding the perfect job in this profession. In the United Kingdom, a prospective sports broadcaster needs to be registered with the BBC. If you’re interested in sports broadcasting, you will need to have a degree in television news, which can be achieved through either a university or part time courses. You should also be prepared to spend several years learning a foreign language.

Some of the skills you will need to include being able to follow a host of sport-related programs such as football games, soccer matches, baseball and basketball matches and so on. As well, you must be able to analyze the sports and reports that are being broadcasted. If you want to be a sports reporter, you will certainly have to become a very knowledgeable viewer of various types of sports, especially of major sports events. It would also help you if you have excellent command of the English language because most of your broadcasts will be aired in British English.

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